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Our 18 hole par 54 course has a Standard Scatch Score (SSS) of 53 off the general play tees (yellow) but maybe the course is not as easy as the card suggests?


Many golf courses attract a variety of wildlife and Broughton Heath is no exception. From Bees, Butterflies and Damselflies to Green Woodpeckers, Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Falcons and of course our emblem the Curlew.  These along with other species can sometimes been seen while enjoying your round of golf.


Buggy and Trolley hire available.



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1st Tee
The 19th

Broughton Heath Golf Club.  Local Rules as found on the Reverse of the Score Card.


1. Out Of Bounds:

    A ball beyond any boundry hedge.

    A ball beyond a line taken between white stakes to the right hand side and rear of the 18th green and 1st tee is deemed out of           bounds (when playing the 18th hole).


2. Trees:

    Any staked tree that interferes with stance or swing - the ball must be dropped within one clubs length from the nearest point 

    of relief, not nearer the hole.


3. Water Hazards:

    Marked with yellow posts or line (Rule 26.1 applies)


4. Lateral Water Hazards:

    Marked with red posts or line (Rule 26.1c applies).  On holes 2 and 15, the drop zones may also be used (under penalty).


5. Bridges:

    Any ball coming to rest either on or underneath the bridge crossing the 2nd fairway must be dropped at the nearest point of             relief, not nearer the hole, without penalty.  Relief may also be taken if the bridge interferes with a players stance or swing

    (Rule 24.2).  The bridge crossing the 18th fairway is part of the hazard, therefore any ball coming to rest against the bridge                 must must be played in accordance with rule 26.1 (water hazard).  If a ball comes to rest on the 18th bridge, please take a free           drop in the drop zone.


6. Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24.1 applies)


7. A ball laying on any footpath, or machinery track should be dropped within one clubs length from the nearest point of relief, not     nearer the hole.


8. The public on the left side of holes 6 and 7, and to the left of holes 17 and 18 have the right of way (Public Footpaths)


9. A ball in play coming to rest on a tee (or green, other than being played) must be lifted and dropped within one clubs length

    from the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole.

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